From The Bookshelf | Summer '16 To Be Read I

Exams are over, the weather is warmer and the sun is brighter. That could only mean one thing...Time to begin Summer '16! Before we go any further, it is without a doubt that I have to share what is on my 'To Be Read' list. 

Honestly speaking, I have about 50-70 novels on my Amazon wishlist that I'm dying for. It's not like I have no novels to read. I do. But...priorities, guys. I decided that before I purchase any more books, I'll read the ones that have been gathering dust on my shelf. I'm probably not going to make it to July without getting a new read, but we'll see how it goes. 

To start off, here are 4 novels that have been on my shelf for 1+ months. 
Due to copyright and other boring legal stuff, Instead of posting the blurbs on here, I've linked each novel to Goodreads so you can check them out. Disclaimer: no affiliates or anything.




Goodreads Rating: 3.67/5


I'm almost done with the John Green box set (sad, I know), and reading African literature is something that's always been on my bucket list. A lot of people recommended Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's work, and I'm excited to read all of her novels. And of course, the Alchemist is a classic, and Paulo Coelho is also a new author that I'm trying out. Look out for a couple of reviews on here! 

I'm always looking for stuff to add to my never-ending wishlist of books. 

What's your favourite book at the moment? 

'Till Next Time

K xx 

From London | Tower Bridge Photo Diary

It's been a while since I've been to the London Bridge area of the city. I decided to take a little walk (ended up being 4 hours long) around Tower Bridge. Here are some pictures. 

Here's when I didn't know where I was going...
 I thought I was lost here too...
Still kind of lost...
Stopped by Starbucks to take advantage of their happy hour and to have a little break...
Cute little summery set-up outside
 Chocolate Marshmallow S'Mores Frappuccino. YUM. 
 Sky Garden....
 The Shard from Tower Bridge...

I had a relaxed afternoon although I came home tired and sore from all the walking haha. 
If you're going to visit Tower Bridge during the week, make sure you leave before rush hour (5-6pm). I had to wait almost an hour and a half for the crowds in the tube station to die down (I hate don't do crowded trains) 

Have you been to Tower Bridge? 

Till Next Time 

K xx 

From Home | Simplicity On A Sunday

It's finally Sunday and after a week that seemed like it would not end, having a simple and relaxing morning before starting revision  is the only way to go.  

 Currently loving: Ciabatta Bread 

I'm technically not supposed to eat bread, but who has time to follow the rules? Ciabatta bread is absolutely attictive, especially with scrambled eggs. A simple breakfast. 

Currently Listening To: Roberto - Ama-Rulah 

This song has been on REPLAY for the past couple of weeks. 
Whenever this song comes on, it reminds me of my friends. I have no idea why. They're a wild bunch but love them regardless of their issues (cue emotional moment). 

Currently Reading: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

May has been a slow month in terms of reading, due to exams and all that. I was on a book ban but hahha,,,lol. I'm loving Me Before You so far, and cannot wait to finish it! 

What do you get up to on Sundays?

Until Next Time,
K xx 

From Home | Make Rainy Days A Little Better

Living in England has its ups and downs. An up being’s England. And a down being….it’s England. If you were to ask 100 people what they thought of England, you’d get 100 complaints about the weather being terrible. This is no lie. There are like 3/365 (and a quarter) days of sunshine and the rest of the days are either cloudy or rainy. I know this post seems like a load of small talk at the moment, but there’s a point to this, I swear.

It’s weird how the weather can have a significant impact on your mood. Being from a country where we literally have to pray for rain, England shouldn’t be such a bad thing, right? Believe it or not, the damp weather can also dampen anyone's mood. There are some rainy days where I feel like just sinking into a black hole, hoping that it’s sunnier on the other side. When you’re down, you’re not productive. And not being productive makes you feel even worse. And feeling worse makes you even more unproductive. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

Fortunately, there are ways to beat the blues on rainy days, that don’t require going outside and getting drenched.

1) Open the curtains

You may be thinking that this won't make the slightest difference, but trust me. It does. I prefer closed curtains all day, everyday but that little bit of light will brighten you and your room/house up a little more. Making the most of the little sunlight you have is better than sitting in the dark, wishing that you were in Barbados then realising that you can’t go to Barbados, getting sad that you can’t go to Barbados... which eventually leads to a whole load of unnecessary thoughts.

2) Read a Book

There's something about the pitter-patter of the raindrops hitting the ground that is oh-so relaxing. It’s perfect for grabbing a hot cup of tea, cozying up and getting lost in a book for a couple of hours. When you’re not in the mood to do anything but you want to go out, you can do so through words. Like one of my favourite authours, Matt Haig said… Reading isn't important because it helps get you a job. It's important because it gives you room to exist beyond the reality you're given.

3) Watch Netflix

I know for a lot of people these days, reading is not really their thing. That’s fine...because there’s Netflix...or Amazon Prime or any other streaming sites you use. Just grab a blanket, wrap yourself up and watch a comedy. Laugh a little, would’ya?

4) Listen to Upbeat Music

I tend to listen to mellow music when I’m on my own. I’ve been accused of having a sad playlist, but it’s infact just slow songs. I’m not going to lie, this can sometimes put me down, so when it’s raining, the last thing you want to do is play slow sad songs. This is where my brother’s trap playlist comes in handy. Uplift your mood by blasting some super ratchet/bubblegum music depending on your preference. A little bit of Young Thug doesn’t hurt, right?

5) Cook/Bake

Nothing better than getting creative in the kitchen to beat the blues, right? There’s something calming about trying out new recipes, creating your own and playing around with herbs and spices for hours on end! Some of you will claim that you don’t know how to cook, and that is why cookbooks exist. If you don’t want to risk burning your house down, try baking from a cake mix or making pancakes.

So yeah, the sun lifts our spirits and makes us more energetic, but it doesn’t mean that when the sun’s not there, we shouldn’t make the most of the day. I hope you found those tips useful and althought they’re easier said than done (I know this for a fact), they’re worth trying.

What do you do on a rainy day?

K xx

From Botswana| The Ivory Elephant

Hello, hello! Just thought I'd share this post with you all today. Finally got to see the elephant made out of elephant tusks in Gaborone. I thought it looked amazing and people should appreciate what the government is doing to protect elephants from poaching.

From Public Desire | All Laced Up

I spend a majority of my day scrolling through Public Desire's Instagram and drooling over their shoes. I have a thing against ordering shoes online, as it always ends up going wrong. I decided to try my luck with Public Desire, and I was not disappointed.

I must say, they have super speedy delivery. I placed my order on a Monday evening and by Tuesday afternoon, they were here (without next day delivery). That's how online shopping is supposed to go. Anyways, lace ups have been trending for quite some time now, which made me not want to get them, but I fell for the lace-up trap after getting a red pair, so I might as well continue, right?

These black lace-ups have a leathery feel. They lace up all the way till about mid-calf, but you have the option of just wrapping the lace around your ankle. They'e about 5inches (with no platform, yikes!) but surprisingly comfy. 

I haven't worn these for a long period of time, but  they did seem to get a little uncomfy after about two hours. Not exactly suitable for trotting around London, but they're okay if you're going to be sitting down for most of the day/night. 

I'm quite impressed with Public Desire, they're sizing, their quality and their super speedy delivery. I have a feeling they'll be emptying my bank account pretty soon! 

Check out lace-ups on Public Desire here 

P.S this isn't sponsored or anything. I was bored and I wanted to talk about shoes and I really like these ones. 

Have you tried Public Desire? 

Till Next Time 

Peace. Love. 

K x

From Botswana | Sunsets At Lion Park

I had zero intentions of posting anything during exam season but when you're out of procrastination activities, what can you do? I was scrolling through the camera roll on my phone and came across these pictures, taken on a very hot December afternoon at Lion Park Resort just outside of Gaborone, Botswana 
I remember being so reluctant to go. To be fair, I did want to get out of the house, as constantly sitting indoors whilst everyone went out was about to drive me insane. *sigh* The life of an introvert. I had made plans to go to my cousin's house for the day when I was told that I (apparently) agreed on going to Lion Park with my sister and a bunch of kids I didn't know. When do I ever agree to going out with strangers? *sigh* anyways.. 

The day wasn't too bad. I hadn't been to Lion Park in almost 5 years. I was greeted by the usual lively ambiance of the park during the festive season...a DJ blasting house music, kids splashing around in the pool, teens acting cool around the park and adults preparing lunch at the braai stands. I was quite restricted in my all-black outfit, but I did manage to go on a couple of rides. 

The highlight of the day, however, was when I escaped the crowds and hopped on the ferris wheel with Fanta Orange in one hand and my phone in the other. I wasn't expecting much, just peace and quiet, but I was surprised to see the beautiful sunset that was before me. The iPhone pictures really don't do it justice. Partly because I wasn't in my photographer mood haha. I could go on for days about sunsets in Botswana. Maybe that's because I feel homesick for an average of 5 hours per day, or because we get like 0.5 days of sun per year in England. Or maybe it's a combination of both. 
Here are a couple of pictures:

Lion Park wouldn't be my number one place to go during the December holiday because I think there are far better and calmer things to do in Gaborone, however, it's great for a family day out, as it's suited for all ages. 

If you ever do find yourself at Lion Park, make sure you hop on the ferris wheel to catch the sunset. 

Till Next Time 

Peace. Love. 

K x 

From Home | Seven Sunday Songs

Sundays are kind of bittersweet. We hate them because they are basically Monday-eve. They signify the end of the day we were supposed to take care of our responsibilities, but ended up ignoring them to watch TV shows.

 Sundays are not what we dream of on Saturday nights. We don't want to wake up bright and early. We don't get sudden bursts of energy. We don't wake our loved ones up with a plate full of warm pancakes, drizzled with the perfect golden maple syrup. We don't go for runs in parks. We don't even prepare for the week ahead. Instead....We lay there thinking about everything. We think about nothing whilst doing nothing. Yeah, it doesn't feel right, but we do it anyways.

But hey...Sundays are for drinking your favourite hot chocolate, eating your favourite snacks, reading your favourite books and listening to your favourite songs. They're for texting people you haven't talked to all week, online window shopping, scrolling through Instagram and reblogging on Tumblr.

Sundays are also for switching off, appreciating solitude and clearing your mind.

Starting the day off with some good music is essential. So is food, but music first, yeah? To get your Sunday going, I've put together a list of seven of songs I'm currently obsessing over.

Zayn - dRuNk 
Seinabo Sey - Poetic 
Nasty C - Hell Naw 
Perola - Tudo Para Mim 
Elhae - Doesn't Matter 
Zayn - FOol fOr YoU 
Bryson Tiller - Let 'Em Know 

What do you do on a Sunday? Any music recommendations? 

K xx


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